We do it all... For you.

Our clients are the driving force of the excellent services we deliver.

We are dedicated to earning your trust with our highly-qualified team who are driven by a passion to deliver excellent childcare services, thorough cleaning services, seamless and classy events and bring your grocery to your doorstep.

We give you back your time basically.

Isaiah Folahan : CEO /FOUNDER

Isaiah Folahan

Who we are

Our Services as an exclusive company in London offering cleaning, hospitality, babysitting and personal assistance services all in a bid to help you save time, relax, rest your mind and body. We grace events, clean residential and commercial properties in the heart of LondonĀ 

We are also trained to mind your children, take care of them and keep them safe while you can have the time to rest, spend time with your partner or friends and get work done.

We introduced our Personal Assistance Services at the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic to help you keep safe and secure by doing your shopping for you at the exact stores you usually buy from.

Our services center around you. Our company is built around meeting your needs no matter where you are in London and no matter how frequent you need them met.

If you would like to hire our staff for your Hospitality needs, DIY Works, Cleaning and other services, please get in touch with us today for more information